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“Slots Craze” range has its new addition

Date: 16.10.2013 | Categories: Articles | Tags:

The software studio of Bwin.Party launches a game themed with Garfield

Win, the software arm of Bwin.Party Digital, has brought a new slot to its popular range “Slots Craze”, adding a game themed with Garfield and Friend to the rest of the social gaming favorites like Sherlock Holms, Casper and Friendly Ghost and Count Dracula on Facebook.

Over a million downloads have been recorded by Slots Craze on the social gaming giant. It is a clear evidence of the game’s popularity with its users.

“Garfield and Friends” is based on the Garfield comic strip, which has been running for a long time, and features the hungry feline in the latest slot machine for Slots Craze. The production has the approval of Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield, who added this week:

“Anyone who has woken up in a bad mood on Monday on eaten too many pizzas relates to Garfield. The Win team obviously understands the cat. In Slots Craze they have been successful in capturing all the humor and fun at the heart of the brand Garfield. Through the engaging game Garfield is brought to live in an interactive new way.”

“The taitle character standing behind the holder of the Guinness World Record as the history’s most widely syndicated comic strip, Garfield features in everything from television shows and feature films to stage productions and video games.

In the slot “Garfield and Friends”, the goal of a player is to line up Garfield’s images and those of Jon Arbuckle, his owner, Odie, the dog of Jon, Dr. Liz Wilson, the love interest of Jon, and Pooky, the teddy bear of Garfield.

There are also special animations like a napping Garfield who falls off a windowsill or the dog Oddie who chases after his own tail. All these features will delight and surprise players, while the special bonus symbols and the 35 pay-lines offer very high pay-outs.

With Slots Craze the player engagement is exceptionally high. More than half of the new players return for another play on their second day.

Slots Craze is made available for free on iOS and Facebook and offers characters featured by slot machines that range from famous icons to personalities from Win. Over the coming months Win has plans to introduce many more slots, revealed on Thursday a company spokesman.